Are There A Lot Of Surfers At The Beach?

As you may already know, the beach between Beach 67th Street and Beach 69th Street is one of only two surfing beaches in NYC! The other is just up Rockaway Beach between Beach 87th Street and Beach 96th Street.

Those living at Arverne By The Sea love sitting on their rooftop terraces and watching the surfers out in the water. While some of our residents actually chose Arverne By The Sea because of their love for surfing, others are happy observers, or are just getting started on a new hobby.

Quite expectedly, the volume of surfers varies greatly by season. In the spring and fall only dedicated surfers make it out into the water, while in the winter the waters are understandably empty. In the warm summer months, the largest number of surfers come out to ride the waves, however a residents-only parking restriction nearby this stretch of sand deters a large number of beach-goers, who opt to spend the day around the lower Beach Street numbers.

Several surf schools do hold sessions at the beach in front of Arverne By The Sea during the summer. All are professional local businesses, who encourage residents to come out for a lesson!


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