Arverne–Helping Kids Create Seaside Memories

Ask anyone who grew up on the East Coast about their favorite childhood memories and you can be sure that the majority of answers would have something to do with the beach. Imagine growing up living on the beach. As a resident of one of the beachfront homes at Arverne by the Sea, in Rockaway Beach, Queens, your children can create their own seaside memories just steps from your door. Whether it is digging for sand crabs or boogie boarding in the wash, there is a memory for all children who visit the ocean’s edge. Some may remember their first time getting beyond the breakers and riding over the swells, until the perfect wave came to carry them onto the beach. Others may remember looking for shells and discovering all of the diverse life that dwells near the beach. A seaside education can shape the future of a child by developing their awareness of the eco-system while providing a fun learning environment. Some may even become beach front developers of sandcondos. The beachfront homes at Arverne by the Sea, in Queens, offer year round opportunities for children of all ages to create special memories. Summer brings the joys of swimming, surfing and sandcastle building; while autumn and winter create beachcombing opportunities that rarely exist during the summer season. Walking the beach with your children and enjoying the sand and surf can be a true bonding experience that brings your family closer together. Nearby to Arverne in Rockaway Beach is the New York Beach Ferry which offers whale and dolphin watching tours from June to August. Also offered is a Fourth of July Macy’s Fireworks excursion. Both of these will create lasting memories for reminiscing through adulthood. The Rockaway Beach Ferry departs for Manhattan daily providing family excursions to visit the Planetarium and other museums, sporting events and the theaters, including the unforgettable Christmas Show at Radio City. Also offered in the Arverne area are activities for families and kids such as kayaking, picnicking, bike trails and beach bike riding, the Jamaica Bay Junior Ranger program, fishing, nature studies and rock wall climbing. In September there is the festive and colorful annual bike parade on the Rockaway boardwalk and in October is the Hip Hop Halloween Festival with pumpkin painting, face painting and festive foods. Each summer is the Water Festival which is exclusively for kids featuring rides, games and other fun activities. Creating pleasant childhood memories is important in developing a child’s total awareness and a positive perspective of life. This perspective will continue to empower and guide them throughout their entire life. What better place for a child to create their own memories than growing up in close proximity to the beach and the sea, only minutes from the culture of New York. That is what makes living in one of the beachfront homes in Arverne by the Sea, in Queens, different than any other place in the world. Arverne has it all.