The developer of Arverne by the Sea, Arverne by the Sea LLC, is a joint venture between The Benjamin Companies and the Beechwood Organization.  There are numerous residential and commercial projects completed by these parent companies.  Together, they have completed over 200 developments and thousands of housing units.  These two local, highly successful, award-winning development companies have an incomparable history of outstanding success in the real estate industry. Today their partnership has culminated in their most inspired master plan, Arverne By the Sea in the Rockaways. When complete, this mixed-use community will have approximately 2,300 homes and be the largest revitalization project in the northeast.

Just after Hurricane Sandy,  Arverne by the Sea LLC, through its General Contracting arm, Rockaway Beach Blvd. Construction Co. LLC.,   was contacted by the City of New York and asked to participate in the New York City Rapid Repairs Program as one of the prime contractors.   The joint venture started repairs on their first home in early January 2013 and to date have completed over  700 repairs. Rockaway Beach Blvd. Construction Co. LLC is currently one of the remaining primary contractors working in the New York City Rapid Repair Program and has also been selected as one of the ‘clean up’ contractors. Arverne by the Sea LLC looks forward to continuing their partnership with the City of New York and the Rapid Repairs Program.

The Benjamin Companies

The Benjamin Companies of New York is a nationally acclaimed real estate development and management company.  With a reputation for innovative residential and commercial developments, The Benjamin Companies is guided by commitment to community and building in harmony with the environment. Founded by  Alvin Benjamin in the early 1960’s, The Benjamin Companies today employs over 200 people with in-house staff with expertise in planning, development, construction, property management, sales and finance. From Mr. Benjamin’s first Long Island apartment developments to the company’s residential, office and professional building properties today, the Benjamin Companies have always been a market leader in responding to residential, commercial and community desires and needs.

The Benjamin Companies imprint extends from the New York metropolitan region, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and as far as Florida.  Over the past four decades, The Benjamin Companies portfolio has grown to encompass the construction and renovation of over 25,000 residential apartments and homes with a combined development cost in excess of $300 million, the development of over 500,000 square feet of office space, shopping center developments on Long Island and in New Jersey, and the development and management of many mixed-use communities.




The Beechwood Organization

The Beechwood Organization is the largest developer of residential housing on Long Island and one of the largest developers of new homes in New York. Over the past thirty years, The Beechwood Organization has developed 55 communities, built over 6,000 homes and is currently in the planning stages for several additional communities throughout Long Island and the New York area. Beechwood utilizes the services of nationally renowned land planners, architects, engineers, legal counsel, and an in-house construction management team to create architecturally distinctive homes of the highest caliber. Beechwood communities are known for their high construction standards; luxurious amenities; and dedication to detail. The Country Pointe and Meadowbrook Pointe brands are renowned across Long Island.

The Beechwood Organization is the proud recipient of numerous, prestigious local and national awards for its communities including Residential Community of the Year, Best New Design, Best Model Home, Best Single Family Home and Best Single Family Attached Home. The Beechwood Organization is recognized as Long Island’s leading home builder. Transitioning from small builder to national leader, Beechwood recently ranked 58th on Professional Builder Magazine’s “Giants Listing of the Top 400 Builders in the U.S.” and 87th on Builder Magazine’s “Builder 100″