How Far Is Arverne By The Sea From JFK International Airport?

The trip from Arverne By The Sea to John F. Kennedy International Airport takes approximately 20 minutes. Simply exit Arverne By The Sea onto Beach Front Road, and take the Cross Bay Bridge via Cross Bay Boulevard. Exit at the ramp for John F. Kennedy International Airport, and you’re there! With plenty of signage this trip is easy to navigate. At 9.9 miles, JFK International Airport is a quick and simple journey away from home.

If you travel frequently by air, there is no place in New York City more convenient to live than Arverne By The Sea! Alternatively, take the Subway to avoid traffic on holidays – or as a great way to skip the high cost of airport parking. The A Train leaves regularly from Beach 67th Street, which is adjacent to Arverne By The Sea (check current New York City MTA schedules for further details). Take the A Train toward Inwood – 207th Street for two stops, exiting at the Howard Beach–JFK Airport station.

Transfer to the local JFK: Howard Beach–Airport AirTrain, and exit at your indicated terminal. This simple trip makes arriving at the airport easy, and only takes around 30 minutes!


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