How Much Is The YMCA At Arverne By The Sea Membership?

As there are many Arverne YMCA membership types, there is not just one price for all new members. Of course, all new homeowners at Arverne By The Sea receive a complimentary one-year Arverne YMCA membership! However, past the initial year of membership, regular fees do apply.

Types of membership include Adult Memberships, Family Memberships (types 1 and 2), Student Memberships, Senior Memberships, Youth Memberships, and Teen Memberships. A ‘Joiner’s Fee’ applies. The best way to learn about current rates at the Arverne YMCA is to contact their membership team directly.

The new YMCA has a number of state-of-the-art facilities, all brand-new and within walking distance of all Arverne By The Sea neighborhoods. In addition to weight machines, cardio equipment and fitness equipment, group classes offer the chance for everyone from children to seniors to participate in fun and engaging new styles of fitness. Community activities and events are held regularly, as are special programs geared toward school-aged children and teenagers.

Sign up for a free one-day guest pass by visiting the Rockaway YMCA website, and entering your email and zip code when prompted, or simply stop by or contact the YMCA to ask about touring the facilities. If you are interested in a YMCA membership, please contact the YMCA at Arverne By The Sea directly.


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