Is There A Homeowners’ Association (HOA)?

Yes, there is a Homeowners Association (HOA) at Arverne By The Sea. The HOA is comprised of elected homeowners, and is responsible for many communal activities that improve the quality of daily life for all our residents – such as snow removal and communal area landscaping.

The HOA also handles repairs, insurance, and provides water and electricity for all common areas, meaning individual homeowners can sit back and relax, feeling free to enjoy the many shared amenities. While HOA fees are determined by each HOA respectively and are subject to change, our communities have always enjoyed low monthly fees.

HOA fees for The Dunes neighborhood (which is currently 90% sold out) are only $168.00 per month. In order to participate in the Homeowners Association, all HOA members, like all Arverne By The Sea residents, must occupy their respective homes year-round. All residents are encouraged to get involved with the local community, whether through the HOA or other neighborhood and community organizations.


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