Keeping Fit with Ocean Living at Arverne

Arverne by the Sea, in Queens, offers beachfront homes with beautiful panoramic ocean views, easy access to the beaches, and plenty of nearby shopping and dining. Every summer people travel long distances, and pay a great deal of money, just to spend one week near the shore. You can live here in one of the exquisite beachfront homes and claim one more added benefit of beach life, which is total fitness.

No gym or spa membership is required and no special trainers are necessary. All you need is a pair of running shoes, sunscreen and possibly a yoga mat.

  • Walking Barefoot – Walking in the sand in your bare feet strengthens foot, ankle and calf muscles with natural resistance. Choose the firmer surface of the wet sand for a faster walk or the softer drier sand for increased resistance and muscle toning. The naturally uneven terrain of the beach makes you work your core muscles by constantly shifting your center of gravity, trimming that waistline effortlessly. In a few weeks your feet will change from tenderfoot to beachcomber and nothing underfoot will impede you.
  • Beach Running – Running on sand burns 30 percent more calories than running on flat pavement. Wear your running shoes for a while and then try it barefoot. The different surface densities allow you to tailor your workout to your fitness level and desired degree of difficulty.
  • Dive In – Everyone knows that swimming is great exercise but ocean swimming offers more. From muscle relaxing bobbing in the waves to strenuous swimming parallel to shore, the ocean offers great fitness opportunities. Make your own mini-ironman course and try running and swimming and walking all in one session.
  • Slap Some Sand – Get the entire family involved in building large sandcastles. If you have never done it, you may not realize the full body workout you get from bending, filling a pail with heavy wet sand, carrying it up the beach and packing it on the project. Repeat this many times and you will sleep quite well that night. Sandcastle building is a total body workout.
  • Yoga or Tai Chi on the Beach – What can be more soothing than to practice yoga or tai chi while the first rays of sun make the ocean bedazzling. The only sound is the waves breaking and the gulls laughing, while breathing the briny air provides a feeling of wellness that is like nothing else.
  • Catch a Wave – If surfing is your sport, or if you would like it to be, just steps from our beachfront homes, Arverne by the Sea in Queens, offers one of only two New York surfing beaches. Surfing takes swimming and balance, combining them into a total workout while being exhilarating at the same time.
  • Beach Biking – Get a beach bike and cruise the water’s edge. Alone, or with family and friends, the natural firmness of the sand adds resistance for better cardio. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for that perfect piece of driftwood, sea glass or shell to toss into your basket.

Living in one of the beachfront homes at Arverne by the Sea, Queens, is like being on vacation every day in a free, natural fitness spa. The sun provides essential vitamin D, the salt water provides natural detoxification leading to clearer skin and the sand is an unparalleled exfoliation agent providing a free pedicure. After a few short weeks of living at Arverne by the Sea, people will take notice and ask what you are doing to look so vibrant. Just say — life is a beach.