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Whether you have just moved to the area and are living in a new development like Arverne By The Sea, or have been living on the Rockaway Peninsula for years, it’s time to get involved in the Rockaways community. Supporting the local community is always the right thing to do, and what better way to get involved than by checking out the Beach 116th Street Corridor?

Most people choose to live in areas like Arverne, The Rockaways, and Edgemere, Queens, because they enjoy the laidback, pleasant lifestyle it affords them. In order to keep life breezy by the seaside, it’s not only important to get involved in community cleanup and beautification efforts, but to cast your vote with the dollar by supporting small, local businesses.
Beach 116th Street Shopping

Extending the length of Rockaway Park, the area’s main street and main drag for shopping and commerce is Beach 116th Street. With the boardwalk teeming with activity all summer long, and still a bit of bustle left in it on clear winter days, the area is packed with local, often family-owned businesses and ventures like the A & J Jewelry Corp.

In the spirit of supporting the community’s small businesses, local organizations like the Beach 116th Street Partnership are encouraging residents to get out there and shop. Many business owners still feel the strain after Hurricane Sandy, which forced them to shell out small fortunes to save their businesses. The push to rebuild is not something left in the past, but something that Rockaway residents need to keep in mind every day.


Featured Business: A & J Jewelry Corp

Located in the heart of the Beach 116th Street Corridor, A & J Jewelry Corp is a small, local business dedicated to the sale and repair of jewelry and watches. For quick fixes of existing jewelry and watches, there is no better place to get expert service. Fixing items quickly and expertly can save you hundreds of dollars that would have been spent buying expensive new items. For a fantastic local selection of merchandise, stop by and browse any time.

Location: 236 Beach 116th Street in Rockaway Park, New York.

Contact: To get in touch with the business owners and staff at A & J Jewelry Corp, call 718-474-6811.


What Else Is Going On At Beach 116th Street?

There are always events, activities, and special deals happening in the Beach 116th Street Corridor, meaning that a quick trip to visit A & J Jewelry Corp can easily turn into a lovely afternoon out in the neighborhood. One of the best ways to learn about upcoming events is through the Beach 116th Street Partnership Facebook page.

Join the group for activities and events like the Spring Clean Up to get the area spic and span for the summer season, volunteer for cleanup and maintenance of local parks, learn about the local area with a Rockaway Park Jane’s Walk, or get all the news about upcoming special deals and sales at businesses like A & J Jewelry Corp.