Queens Library at Arverne


There are so many local resources near Arverne By The Sea just waiting to be explored that help to enrich lives. A great example is the Queens Library at Arverne. These days, many people overlook libraries because they get their reading material via the internet, or download reading material to their iPad or Kindle device. However, local library systems are about so much more than just checking out books: they are about building stronger communities and providing local residents with invaluable resources.

Fitness and Wellness

While most people think of the gym or doctor’s office as the place to address fitness and wellness concerns, community resources like the Queens Library at Arverne are great places to take classes, and learn more about just how to best take care of yourself and others.

Here are some examples of classes and events held at the library:

Introduction to Pilates-Are you curious about taking Pilates classes as part of your fitness and wellness regimen, but not sure if you are ready to spend the money on a health club membership? Why not try out a Pilates class at the local library! The introduction to Pilates class is taught by a certified Pilates instructor, who will walk you through conditioning exercises to tone and strengthen your body, and improve posture, flexibility, balance, and more!

Strength and Hope: Positive Skills to Learn after Sandy-The lasting effects of Super-Storm Sandy are more than just physical damage to the community. While local communities are rebuilding destroyed property, it is important to address stress and trauma in your own life, or the lives of your loved ones, that can be harder to erase. Learn coping techniques, and share your experiences in a supportive environment.

Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Screenings-Staying healthy should be a top priority, and with free blood pressure and blood glucose screenings, courtesy of the Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center, it’s never been easier for adults to keep their health in check.


In trying economic times, New York employees need every available advantage. Learn skills to help you excel at your existing career, or to find a new and rewarding career, with programs run at the local library, compliments of the Job Information Center.

Here are some examples of classes and events held at the library:

Salary Negotiations-Whether you have a new job offer, or are looking to improve your earnings at your current job, this workshop will show you how to impress your employer into offering you a better salary package.

Job Market Realities-Searching for a job is never easy, which is why this workshop is a fantastic way to learn important skills, information, and techniques concerning the current job market, and make your search as productive as possible.

JobMap Orientation-This guide to JobMap, the online job seeking tool at Queen’s Library, will show you how to use this invaluable resource to find job recommendations, source important computer training, and have your resume reviewed by experts.

Skills Identification-The current job market is competitive, which is why not only identifying, but properly marketing your job skills is extremely important to finding the perfect career. Learn just how to do so and impress potential employers with this workshop.

Resume Workshop-Create strong, effective resumes with assistance from industry professionals with this workshop.

Interview Skills-Interviewing is a skill, and giving great interviews is a learnable skills. Get top tips for nailing your next sit-down with a potential employer with this course.

Computer Skills

The field of computers is changing on a daily basis, which means a little instruction is a great way to keep up! Whether learning to improve your efficiency at a current job, or simply learning for your own benefit, there are many great workshops and courses to help you get ahead.

Here are some examples of classes and events held at the library:

Website Design-Create a website, and learn about HTML; these skills are imperative to anyone who has their own business or is starting their own business, as well as anyone who wants an increased skill set for their current job, or even just needs a resume booster. No prior editing or web coding experience is required.

Intermediate Word and Intermediate Excel-Many people use popular programs like Microsoft Word and Excel on a daily basis, but are only able to use a fraction of their functions. Learn more with these informative workshops.

Getting More from Google Accounts (Google Docs)-Take your knowledge of Google Docs beyond Gmail with this helpful course.

To learn more about the Queens Library at Arverne, and the range or programs on offer, visit the Queens Library at Arverne website, or check out the Queens Library at Arverne Facebook page for regular updates on hours, activities, workshops, the local community, and more!