Lava Girl Surf

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Lava Girl Surf offers the women of The Rockaways the chance to take part in an intriguing and engaging community. How do they do it? Lava Girl Surf host events, offers surfing training and holds educational workshops, all geared towards the empowerment of women. Creativity and learning are encouraged, as are power and fitness.

For women new to Arverne By The Sea and the Rockaway Peninsula, there is no better place to find an exciting community that matches your new seaside style. The original inspiration for Lava Girl Surf were the two passions of co-founder Davina Grincevicius: surfing and shooting film. Her passions have led her to surf in destinations around the world, while still finding time to found STASKA NY, a New York-based boutique film production company. Her love for all things inspirational has helped build this unique community around her vision.

The Lava Girl Surf website features tons of surf media, like videography, photography and a link to their Instagram page. The idea is to help women get into the surfing mindset, and inspire them to express themselves in new and creative ways. This organization is proof that women don’t have to choose between being artists or athletes—they can thrive at both!

Surf Lessons


Lava Girl Surf offers surf lessons in the summertime. Private and semi-private lessons are taught by experienced instructors, and each includes off-water discussions, a wetsuit and a surfboard (if needed). Video footage of the lesson is optional. Lessons are 1.5 hours in length.




Lava Girl Surf officially launched in 2012, with the first-ever New York Women’s Surf Workshop. Held off the water, these social events have continued on, bringing women together to explore sport. Workshops cover topics like water safety, surf etiquette, fitness, understanding surf data and forecasting, surfboard design and more. The idea, as expressed by co-founder Brandon D’Leo, is to bridge the gap between women and the information they need to, “Increase their confidence,” and “Gain independence in their surfing lives.”

The Surf Film Festival


In addition to the programming and lessons offered, Lava Girl Surf also gives the world the chance to see surfing culture through the camera lens with their surf film festivals. In 2013, the first annual women’s surf film festival was held, called Women of the Seven Seas. Short films from around the planet were shown, all featuring female protagonists, and highlighting their passion for surfing.


Many women move to Arverne By The Sea and the Rockaway Peninsula without having surfed before, but with the city’s only surf beaches just a short distance away—between 67th-69th Streets, and 87th-92nd Streets—there’s never been a better time to learn!


Get up-to-the-minute info about the Rockaway surf scene on the Lava Girl Surf Facebook page, or follow the action with Lava Girl Surf on Twitter. Get involved in the local surf culture, and keep up-to-date on local events like beach cleanups, and special events for women at local surf shops!