The Playland Motel


The hip and happening in-crowd hailing from New York City knows that the best secrets can’t be kept for long. The hot summer social spot, the Rockaway Beach Playland Bar & Motel, is no exception to the rule. While locals living in places like Arverne By The Sea frequent this venue with its funky, retro charm, people in-the-know have been braving the Rock-a-bus for years to head to the beach and enjoy this novel, fun, and always entertaining venue

Playland Tavern

With a rotating selection of beverages like beer, wine, and cocktails on the menu, expect old favorites and novel surprises on the drink menu. Ask the bartender about weekly special selections, or choose from tried-and-true liquid refreshments like the Rockaway Boulevardier, the Atomic Margarita, or the Blueberry Gimlet. For drinks that are just as much fun to order out loud as they are to sip in the sun, this is The Rockaways #1 watering hole.

Playland Patio Parties

Enjoy the sunshine, put your feet in the sand, and sip on a refreshing beverage as sweet sounds played by live special guests and DJs wash over the Playland Motel patio. Take a dip in the inflatable pool, or try your hand at a rousing game of Ping-Pong. As the evening wears on, feel free to dine, dance in the sand, or sit and chat with friends and neighbors. This is truly the best way to spend your summer weekends on the Rockaway Peninsula.

Playland Beats (Live Entertainment)

While the Tavern always has a customized Jim Toth sound system playing tunes, the real attraction at Playland is a wide selection of live events and DJs. Lookout for exciting summer shows from surf rock, laid-back electronic, and Balearic disco acts, as well as programming compliments of some of New York City’s most happening indie labels. Can’t wait for the summer? Check out Playland Radio online.

Playland Motel

As if the cool restored 19th Century building that houses this Far Rockaway venue isn’t enticing enough, the 12 guest rooms are genuine art pieces in and of themselves. By collaborating with 12 prominent artists and designers, each room at Playland has been “curated,” and personalized with a great deal of inspiration and artistic flair. This unique approach is for those not after your average seaside holiday, but a truly hip and laidback experience. Even locals from places like Arverne By The Sea often stay for a romantic evening, or make a full weekend getaway of it. Hey, who needs the Hamptons?

Playland Motel Contact Info and Location

To join the best just-off-the-water beach party in all New York, head to 97-20 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Far Rockaway, NY 11693. For all the latest information about upcoming events, to book a room at the Motel, or to contact friendly Playland staff, pay a visit to the Playland Motel website. The Playland Motel wants you to come out and play, so get up-to-the-minute info about upcoming events on the Playland Motel Facebook page.