The Very Best Pocket Parks on Rockaway Peninsula


People all over New York seem to be obsessed with pocket parks. What is a pocket park? It’s a little bit of urban space set aside from the rest of the bustling world and dedicated simply to enjoying an outdoor setting – oh yes, and it’s sized just right to fit in one of New York City’s vest pockets. Some pocket parks are green, while others are mainly concrete. They are creative uses of limited spaces, and all pocket parks are greatly appreciated by people who live, work, and play nearby. Not making the most of the pocket parks in the Rockaway Peninsula area of Queens? Here’s how to start enjoying these fun-sized, outdoor gems.

Personalized Pocket Parks in Queens Condo Developments

Many communities are taking the cue and getting onboard with pocket parks. Rather than squeezing in a few more condos just to make another couple dollars, real estate developers understand that increasing the quality of a development, and not just the quantity of residences, is really what people are willing to plunk their hard-earned dollars down for. Take, for example, Arverne By The Sea, an exciting recent development in Arverne, Queens. This seaside haven gives residents the luxury of beach access, but knows that beach access isn’t everything. In addition to taking advantage of the natural landscape, this development provides plenty of pocket parks where families can relax, play on the jungle gym, take a stroll, enjoy a picnic, or simply enjoy the ocean views without getting sandy shoes.

Public Rockaway Peninsula Pocket Parks

While large parks like the Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk have it all (including everything from the beach to barbecuing areas, baseball fields, handball courts, playgrounds, fitness equipment, volleyball courts, spray showers, and so much more – mainly concentrated near the 59th Street and Beach park area), beachfront areas can be busy in the summer and chilly in the winter. No worries! If you are lucky enough to be living on or visiting the Rockaway Peninsula, there are lots of local pint-sized options.

Arverne Playground (website)

Arverne Boulevard between Beach 56th Street and Beach 54th Street, Queens

Find here a pleasant open space near home with playground facilities, basketball courts, handball courts, and spray showers. Mainly designed with playful young ones in mind, this park also has plenty of greenery and benches for outdoor enjoyment year-round.

Rockaway Community Park (website)

Almeda Avenue, Norton Avenue, between Beach 58th Street, Sommerville Basin, and Beach 49th Street, Conch Basin, Queens

While this community wildlife park might only fit in a fairly wide pocket, it gets extra points for its natural charm. Sitting on 253 acres on Jamaica Bay, this park is perfect for observing wildlife like snowy owls, or enjoying activities like saltwater fishing. The marshes and shoreline of the park give the distinct impression of having travelled back to a simpler time. In addition to all of the natural splendor, also enjoy basketball courts, handball courts, playgrounds, dog-friendly areas, tennis courts, and even cricket fields.

Almeda Playground (website)

Beach 65th Street to Beach 66th Street, Beach Channel Drive, Queens

This pleasant city park with plenty of greenery sits on land once owned by the Cornell family, of New York State fame. Plenty of seating to enjoy the outdoors is complimented by playgrounds galore and sports courts.

Rockaway Peninsula pocket parks are the perfect excuse to get outside today, even if it’s only for a little while. Try out some of these great bets, or explore the local area to find your own little havens away from the hustle and bustle of New York City living.