Uma’s Eurasian Cuisine
Rockaway, NY

Uma's sign

Is it a rock ‘n’ roll, hipster haven? Is it a Mom n’ Pop shop? Is it all of the above? While nobody can quite put a finger on the vibe at Uma’s, one thing is for certain: everyone who lives in Arverne By The Sea and the Rockaways is happy this flavorful cuisine is in the neighborhood. With a relaxed vibe, extensive menu, and enough interesting spice combinations to keep your tongue tied up in deliciousness for days, this neighborhood gem should be at the top of your list of restaurants to try.

The Vibe

The cuisine at Uma’s falls into the category of “Central Asian,” and the palette is as broad as the region from which it draws inspiration. Open since 2013, the menu has a deliciously, yet vaguely, Asian vibe that pays homage to not just one typical cuisine from the continent, but nods to several varieties of eats – and does so very successfully at that. The home-cooked fare has an artisanal quality to it that retains the vibe of a Queens neighborhood joint, while the surfer-cool, and somewhat industrial ambiance keeps both families and Rockaway Beach hipsters coming back all summer long.

If you like exposed brick, hand-picked furniture, lighting fixtures with intrigue all their own, and a place where you know the owner’s name (it’s Conrad by the way) then this is definitely your kind of dining experience.


The Menu

On the menu, expect to find a wide variety of spices and dishes with plenty of veggie and non-veg options. Homemade Asian vegetable patties are a must try, even for meat eaters, while the shish kabobs are marinated then grilled to perfection with a carefully balanced blend of Uzbek spices. The stuffed peppers and dumplings are sure winners, while the Russian beer is the perfect brew to wash it all down.

When a restaurant gets rave reviews for its soups and salads, you know it’s good. The Uma salad is a fresh and popular choice with a great blend of flavors, while the soups bring customers back again and again. Try out the lunch specials to get a great deal on a filling and delicious meal, or come by for one of the most original Sunday brunch menus in the five boroughs!

Not to Be Missed

Every restaurant has a few plates which absolutely should not be missed. At Uma’s put the Manta Lamb on the top of the list with its light and tasty dumpling dough, and mind-blowing blend of flavors. Also a popular option, the filet mignon kebab, is an upscale twist on a food most people are accustomed to eating standing up. At brunch time, try the blintzes. Wine lovers out there will enjoy the wine list which provides some interesting and excellent choices at reasonable prices, a breath of fresh air for those who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Where and When to Visit Uma’s                                            

Located about a 3 minute drive from Arverne By The Sea, Uma’s can be found at 92-07 Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Open from lunch through to dinner, it’s a great option for a weekday lunch, a weekend brunch, or a casual cool date night.

Uma’s Online

To get the real scoop on Uma’s check them out online at the official Uma’s website, which while bare-bones, does have all the pertinent details to plan a visit. If you want more up-to-the-minute action, try Uma’s Facebook page.