The Best Beachfront Property Near NYC

It’s that time of the year again when swimmers, sunbathers and surfers come out to play. NYC can feel like a concrete jungle in the warm summer months but luckily this is one northeastern city that knows how to hit the shore – and not necessarily the Jersey shore either. In a recent publication by TimeOut New York, “The 10 Best Beaches in New York City,” were featured, showing us all that there’s plenty to do in those sunny summer months without even leaving the city!

What beachfront property near NYC made TimeOut’s list? The top 10 were given as follows:

  1. Fort Tilden Beach
  2. Coney Island Beach
  3. Brighton Beach
  4. Jacob Riis Park Beach
  5. Jones Beach
  6. Orchard Beach
  7. Rockaway Beach
  8. Manhattan Beach
  9. Midland Beach
  10. South Beach

However, what many people don’t realize is that even in the winter months, these seaside havens are wonderful places for a stroll, a bike ride, or simply to enjoy the seaside atmosphere, albeit a little bit chillier than in July and August. That being said, what’s to keep New Yorkers from wandering off for permanent seaside holidays, snatching up beachfront property near NYC? The simple answer? Nothing!

Rockaway Beach is NYC’s Most Livable Beach

More and more people are making the move out to the shore, and while Fort Tilden Beach might be a lovely, quiet spot out at the end of Rockaway Peninsula, it’s certainly not the most livable beach (as in BYO refreshments and the easiest access is by foot or bike). As livability goes, Rockaway Beach is consistently at the top of the list. Additionally, with new luxury residential developments like Arverne By The Sea making the move convenient and financially viable for many New Yorkers, the reasons to love The Rockaways just keep piling up.

For starters, Rockaway Beach offers 170 acres of sand that squish between the toes of couples out for romantic strolls just as satisfyingly as they do families playing on Saturdays. As NYC’s only surf beach, those looking to catch some waves know this is the only beachfront property near NYC that matters. Families love the seven playgrounds, and everyone can get involved in activities from the obvious swimming and sunning, to fishing and volleyball. Oh yeah, and it’s just down the road from Fort Tilden Beach and Jacob Riis Park Beach; there’s nothing like checking off three of NYC’s best beaches in one trip!

Year-Round Enjoyment

 While some would-be buyers of beachfront property near NYC fear their beach haven will be booming in the summer and boring in the winter, Arverne By The Sea and The Rockaways offer a different take on the whole ‘beach scene’ vibe. With purpose-built retail, dining, grocery shopping, and recreation facilities right next to Arverne By The Sea, plus an ever-growing list of year-round Rockaways businesses to choose from, the community only grows more closely knit as things cool off.

Are you giving beachfront property near NYC some serious consideration? There’s no harm in stopping by Arverne By The Sea to check out the luxury lifestyle you could be enjoying – barbequing on your rooftop terrace to the soundtrack of gently crashing ocean waves – unless, of course, paradise just isn’t your style.