What’s New In Arverne By The Sea In 2014?

There is always something new at Arverne By The Sea, and thus far 2014 has been a busy year! The 10 year old development continues to change the landscape of the Rockaways. As new phases of development open to residents, the increasing local population has spurred continuous growth in the local area. New restaurants and shops are opening in the Rockaways all the time in response to the growth of Arverne By The Sea.

The YMCA at Arverne By The Sea opened in February 2014, and has been a wonderful edition to the community. All Arverne By The Sea homeowners receive a complementary one-year membership to this state of the art fitness and community facility. The new YMCA has also been an important local employer, which will continue to give back to the greater Rockaways community for many years to come.

Looking into the future, ongoing development in 2014 means a bright year ahead in 2015. The Tides phase of development is scheduled to be presented to the public in early 2015. Anticipation for this final phase of the Arverne By The Sea development has been  great.

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